The Hand of Glory is a pub, food and music venue from JaguarShoes Collective sited at the original Amhurst Arms in Hackney Downs. It holds a liquor licence dating back to the 1800s when the surrounding area was primarily fields and farmland.

Giant maypoles, wicker masks, brass icons, a straw bear and a ghostly mare; the cosy interior unites a collective of artists in a disquieting but colourful exhibition of British folk culture. Like The Wickerman sacrificing Bill Oddie to the gods of Countryfile, it celebrates pagan festivals, traditional iconography and folkloric customs from across the history of the British Isles.

Hand of Glory is a seductive experience that re-explores the rich foundations of Cool Britannia.

The site is located at 240 Amhurst Road, E8 2BS in Hackney, London. Contact number is 0207 2497455.

Both the historic and the contemporary inform the space, objects form villages that have kept ancient pagan rituals alive sit alongside showcased JSC artists who have taken inspiration from the culture, including; Hand crafted costumes by Royal College graduate Julia Hayes, folkloric prints by Alice Pattullo and David Owen, and taxidermy head-dresses from milliner Loren Anthony James-Wood.

We host DJ and intimate live events every Friday and Saturday, Wednesday, Thursday. All events are free entry.

You can also enjoy live sessions of Jazz musicians on Sundays. Scroll down to bottom of page to check what's on or click on following link to see on Facebook.



Focusing a roster of countryside ciders from some of the UK’s best independent brewers. Hand of Glory is mulled, spiced and dangerously home-brewed and features a constantly rotating menu of ales, rustic Bloody Mary’s and our very special Seven Deadly Gins.

In the kitchen we have Yard Sale Pizza! Born out of three friends’ shared passion for simple, quality pizza:

"It all began with a little oven, chugging away in Johnnie’s own backyard. Eight years later and we’re serving love and pizza across North, East and now South London. Who’d have thought? We’re still local at heart though, making orders by hand and delivering them ourselves through our in-house delivery service – never through a third party. Handmade, hand-delivered from dough to door. It makes award-winning neighbourhood pizza that bit better. We hope you agree."


Opening Times

  • Monday - Wednesday: 4pm - 12am
  • Thursday: 12pm - 12am
  • Friday - Saturday: 12pm - 1:30am
  • Sunday: 12pm - 12am


  • 240 Amhurst Road
  • Dalston
  • London
  • E8 2BS