We realise the majority of you will also be struggling due to the corona crisis… if you are in a secure position we’d like to ask you to invest with us. We need your help and support to make it through.


JAGUARSHOES is a fully independent family business. We have made it through the big crash, 7/7 and the numerous terror scares and survived the recent tough years that have wiped out a large number of hospitality operators.


The current CoVID19 pandemic is the toughest fight we have faced yet.


The Government announcements regarding hospitality provides some hope however almost all businesses (aside from a few large PLC’s) are not covered by insurance for this crisis, and most all in London are above the rateable value threshold for the proposed £25k grant. The proposed loans are not available yet and will be subject to application.


In the meantime we as a business have to find the ability to subsist and we want to be able to continue to pay all our employees, suppliers, promoters, artist, bands, event programmers, cleaners, producers, DJs, door security, designers, sound engineers, curators, maintenance contractors, chefs, book keepers, photographers, mixologists, copy writers, gardeners… and all of the other people our ecosystem supports… and we need to be here to continue to support all those people once this is over!


So if you believe in us and can help, please invest in future drinks through our Beer Bank® and we’ll give you up to 30% as a thank you for your help.






If you are able please DONATE HERE and support us to stay in business and continue to employ our brilliant team xxx