OOO by Alice Dunsheath x Matteo MastrandreaDream Bags Jaguar Shoes28th January - 28th March, 2016

JaguarShoes Collective presents OOO by Alice Dunseath and Matteo Mastrandrea Red Bull Studio Collectives

29/01/16 – 13/03/16

Private View: 28/01/16 with complementary drinks

DreamBags JaguarShoes, 32-36 Kingsland Road, London, E2 8DA —

Project OOO is a light and video installation inspired by the contemporary philosophical movement known as Object Oriented Ontology.

Object Oriented Ontology attempts to erode what it perceives to be an anthropocentrism at the heart of Western thought by advancing a view of the world where everything is ‘equal’, ‘connected’ and to a greater or lesser extent – whether a ship, a mouse, a cauliflower or a shoe – ‘alive’.

This hylozoism is difficult for us to appreciate because as human beings we occupy a “middle realm”. When we look into the stars, there seems to be a boundary beyond which we will never perceive; equally when we peer down a microscope, matter seems to become capricious and impossible to discern.

But the micro and macro are equally alive. Two walls in DreamBags JaguarShoes embody and explore each pole of this idea with light, objects and imagery; the room itself reflects our position—forever locked within the “middle realm”.

Alice Dunseath

An associate lecturer at Goldsmiths College has had her work screened at various film festivals around the world, exhibitions include the V&A, HERE TODAY and Selfridges. She has also worked on film title sequences, game title sequences, fashion films, virals, commercials and Corporate films. Clients include: BBC Radio 4, The Barbican, Natwest, La Mode Verte, Mundi Vondi and Gucci.

JaguarShoes Collective

A group of artist and producers who run venues in East London that focus upon patrons in creative industries and upon supporting the arts. Born from DreamBagsJaguarShoes, prolific exhibition space and venue established, 2001 in Shoreditch. As a collective JaguarShoes create immersive exhibitions, parties, limited edition products, publications and world renowned venues.