A Christmas Gift Guide by Our Favourite Creatives


We’d like to introduce you to some of the talented and gorgeous folk we know, photographed in their work spaces, with some of their favourite items from our fashion and lifestyle collections.


Portraits by Holly Falconer
Styling by Coline Bach

Thanks to Matt Shires for the re-touching.

* Last shipping date for Christmas 19th December *



Director and Designer,

Silken Favours.

“I love my studio, I’ve lived and worked here for over five years. The place is enormous with beautiful windows stretched across one whole side of the warehouse but most importantly I adore all the people in it. We sometimes do circuits when waiting for things to download.”

Cover Me up Dress by no-one for JaguarShoes Collective

Cat cushion by Silken Favours and necklace by Rosita Bonita from a selection at  The Old Shoreditch Station, 1 Kingsland Road, London E2 8AA









Prop and accessory maker.

Rosy is currently exhibiting ‘If I Should Die Tonight’ at DreamBags JaguarShoes and she has created some delightful Christmas cards for us in the spirit of the show called Fez and Moon and The Crown and the Cat.

“My studio is at the top of an old framers business on the hackney road. It’s a pretty weird place. When I’m not there i sort of miss the aggressive affection and cussing i get from the old Nigerian doormen daily. Plus, the the mass of wood veneer right in front of my face makes the day feel a bit ‘twin peaks’, which is always welcome in my life.”

Busy Day Dress by no-one for JaguarShoes Collective

The Kingsland silk scarf by Lucy Jay for JaguarShoes Collective

Desert boots and artist designed socks by JaguarShoes Collective for Clarks Originals

Necklace from a selection by Rosita Bonita




Film Director.

“My studio is a converted Victorian school in east London. My intern is a cat named Percy.”

Hard Day red cotton shirt by no-one for JaguarShoes Collective

Slightly Smart Trousers by no-one for JaguarShoes Collective













Set Designer.

“When not in my studio I can usually be found dashing to the theatre – I’m almost always late. I fill my studio with keepsakes from shows I’ve designed. There’s a jaunty selection of miniature people and furniture from models I’ve built of sets and lots of old prop bits. I find inspiration in objects and form so an eclectic collection of curiosities seem to gather around my workspace. I’m happiest when the sun streams in through the giant windows first thing in the morning.”

McBess Cut & Think and Drink Mug from a selection by JaguarShoes Collective

Shirt and trousers, available in store for Spring.









Co-founder and Creative Directors of Poke and Hulger / Plumen.

“The Boskke + Plumen installation has been on my mind for a while, so it was great we got an opportunity to install it at the Old Shoreditch Station. There are clear floral references in the bulb design so it made perfect sense to couple them with inverted plants and flowers. We had a few pleasant surprises as it came together, the main one being how the light really brought out the colours of leaves and flowers to great effect. I imagine the plants were happy to be getting all that light.”

Rare sweat by McBess for JaguarShoes Collective

Plumen light bulbs and Boskke Skyplanters available in store only at The Old Shoreditch Station, 1 Kingsland Road, London E2 8AA








Director, Time Based Arts Post Production.

“Time Based Arts is located in the Caretakers Cottage (part of the Shoreditch Town Hall). We created this place from an empty shell, so it feels like home. We wanted our work environment to be creative and reflective of our personalities and the work we do. My ‘Magic Mike’ robot was a gift from a client. Special effects are the magic part of the production process, so it says it all really!”

Slightly Smart trousers in yellow cord by no-one for JaguarShoes Collective

Hard Day flannel shirt by no-one for JaguarShoes Collective

Desert boots and artist designed socks by JaguarShoes Collective for Clarks Originals

Prints from a selection by JaguarShoes Collective






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