THREEDEEDream Bags Jaguar Shoes21st April 2011

THREEDEE is a group exhibition curated by ourselves, hailing the artists involved as the future of illustration and graphic design, it is our selection of the finest new emerging talent in the UK. All work for this show has been produced in 3D and features wall sized images, screen prints, animations and sculptures. We have also produced a limited edition 3D booklet with the lovely people at Ditto Press and are available in-store at No-one.

See show images and launch party pictures.


PV: Thursday 21st April 2011. 7pm till late.
Dream Bags Jaguar Shoes


THREE DEE features artists-

Annu Kilpelainen

Annu Kilpelainen is a Finnish born illustrator living in London. She is a recent graduate from LCC and works with pens, inks and acrylics.Her inspiration comes from late night treasure hunts and the differences in nature.

Audrey Roger

Audrey is a London-based artist and designer. Constantly fascinated by geometric shapes and patterns, her work spans across art, graphic design, fashion and textiles.

Audrey’s work and designs have been showcased at Christie’s, Somerset House and Selfridges and she has collaborated with, amongst others, Print Club London, Patternity, Supermarket Sarah, Welcome Home and 2nd Drop Records.

Christopher Wright

Since graduating from art college illustrator, Chris Wright has been casting his toxic third eye over music related paraphernalia. A Southerner of Scottish descent, he does all his acidic drawings from a tall lift-less building in Bristol.

Sex starved food things, alcoholic mountain tops and burlesque turds are near the tip of the ice berg in an ever expanding galaxy of relentless poppycock! As someone once sang: “if you like it you should have put a face on it” and so Christopher proceeded.

Kyle Bean

Kyle Bean is a Brighton based Artist and Designer specialising in hand made models, sets and tactile illustrations. Since graduating with a degree in Illustration from the University of Brighton in 2009 he has worked for a diverse range of clients on various projects. Including window displays for luxury brands such as Liberty, Selfridges and Hermes and editorial commissions for publications such as Wallpaper*, Financial Times, VMAN and Wired.

Alongside his commercial work, Kyle has produced some playful personal projects that have gained him international recognition and have later been used to illustrate numerous articles in publications.

Liam Sparkes

Liam sparkes is a drummer, freelance illustrator and tattoo artist based in London. He is currently working around the world making woodcut/engraving/line-drawing tattoos and producing illustrations for magazines and bands.

His favourite drinks are whiskey and coke or rum and ginger.

Matthew Bromley

Matthew Bromley is an illustrator who lives in Brixton, when he’s not drawing and making stuff he’ll probably be down Stockwell skate park shredding!

Nicos Livesey

Nicos Livesey is a freelance Animator, Illustrator, Director and Actor based in London. He is also part of the ‘This is It Collective’. Nicos uses different mediums from pen and ink to plasticine, to create psychedelic visuals and stills. His favourite things are Lamb and Glenn Danzig.

Previous clients include, CTVC / ITV, Geffen Records, Harry Hill, Channel Flip, Renegade Pictures (UK) Ltd / BBC3, Tubelord (band) / Hassle Records, Virtue / Sony Playstation.

Paul Parker

Paul Parker is an illustrator based in Hertfordshire England. His work takes inspiration from a variety of sources including 50’s horror movie graphics, men’s adventure pulp magazine covers, skateboard artwork and 60’s garage music artwork.

Much of the work he produces is for the skateboard industry, designing graphics, as well as producing artwork for various publications and exhibitions, in the U.K. and abroad.

Rob Whoriskey

Rob Whoriskey was born in a hospital in Ireland and has been drawing since day one. He describes his work as good positive drawings and he plans on being out in the fields in his twilight years.

Previous clients include Christopher Shannon, Lilli Vanilli, and Hack Magazine

Rosy Nicholas

Rosy Nicholas is a freelance illustrator, accessory & prop maker based in London. Her work is colourful and precise, she sites her main influences as David Hockney, Michael Jackson and a childhood visit to the Egyptian room at Harrods. Her favourite things are operations on telly, drinking milk and potatoes.

Previous clients include Selfridges, Mac, Dazed and Confused, Vogue, Vision Magazine and Fred Butler.

Sam Coldy

Sam Coldy is a freelance designer and illustrator based in London. Since recently graduating with a degree in Graphic design he has been working on a number of commercial and personal projects. Through this he has also expanded his output into the medium of documentary photography.

Sam has an affinity for vintage typography and minimal graphic design. . Previous clients include, Deadly People, Wichita, O.Children, Kurran & The Wolfnotes, Murdocks and Sane & Able

Tim Ryan
Tim Ryan is an Illustrator from Bristol. He studied illustration for 4 years whilst ‘working’ for a financial practitioners who had forgotten they had employed him.

He now creates satirical artworks, predominantly in pen and ink.
Sex, fishing, GuffBall’s© and stifling domesticity steer the ship!

Toby Evans

Toby Evans is Graphic designer based in London, he graduated with a 1st class honours in Graphic communications. He produces striking line based image and text work, collects Letraset and magic markers from the 70s and can’t tell the time on an analog clock.

Toby has produced work for clients including, Bleach, Ala Champfest, Barworks, Mixt Meat, Gabriella Marina Gonzalez and Vintage Store.