Mark Dean’s ‘The Beginning of The End’ at Beaconsfield Gallery

Whilst at art school, Mark Dean gave a lecture.  I was making clunky, colourful things out of wood and paint at the time and, despite thoroughly enjoying his work, it seemed so different to the work made by anyone doing the rounds on my book shelf at that time.  However, it now transpires that, the combination of repetitive images and hypnotic loops of audio pretty much changed my life as an artist and, only now, 4 years later, am I becoming aware of what a deep root his work must have taken up in my psyche.  Since going to see Mark Dean’s show at Beaconsfield, just south of the river from Tate Britain, I have been reminded of how awesome his work is, and have been dining out hard on the work he has on his website ever since.  You’ll become very aware early on that Michael Dean has been making work since the mid 90s that wouldn’t look out of place now on the pages of  Simply, his show is a must see.

Mark Dean
The Beginning of The End
24 November 2010 – 13 February 2011
Tuesday – Sunday, 11am-5pm
a: 22 Newport St, LONDON, SE11 6AY
t: 020 7582 6465