To tie in with Rosy Nicholas’s exhibition ‘If I should die tonight’ we have created an Ancient Egyptian cocktail list. Come and taste the Afterlife.

All drinks are priced at £8.50

Available from the 28th November onwards.

The Afterlife

 Jose cuervo tradicional, Frangelico, Lemon, Chile-Cinnamon Syrup, bitters

Lightly aged tequila with a touch of piquant chile spice, served over ice and garnished with gold leaf.

Tigers Milk

Kraken Rum, H by Hine, milk, gomme and Nutmeg

Black Rum blended with brandy and milk, sweetened with sugar cane syrup and a shaving of nutmeg. Served in a coupet.

Cleopatra’s Blood

Pampero anejo, Figs compote, shiraz, apple juice, and black pepper.

Spiced Rum muddled together with figs, apple juice, red wine and a pinch of black pepper, shaken, strained and served in a coupet