Tom Kavanagh – YTYKWYADream Bags Jaguar Shoes23rd August - 18th November, 201819:00

JaguarShoes Collective present YTYKWYA by Tom Kavanagh

The world is full of people trying to find their way, but more than ever, people are lost.

Tom K has been lost for years. A photographer travelling the world and exploring his mind;

taking pictures on the road to nowhere.

Arranged into a surrealist dream-like narrative travel book, ‘You Think You Know Where You Are’ is a guide to being lost.

Full of dead ends and misdirections, a record of the world, where places feel simultaneously familiar and new.

YTYKWYA was realised as a successful book at the end of 2017, now this body of work will take on a new life in an exciting installation at DreamBags JaguarShoes.

Through its dreamy textures and calm studies of familiar places, this show will be the perfect ending to a long hot and hazy summer.

PV: 19:00pm, 23rd August 2018

DreamBags JaguarShoes, 32-36 Kingsland Road, E2 8DA


Tom Kavanagh

Tom is an Art Director and photographer working primarily in fashion and portraiture. always wandering and snapping his surroundings and the people he meets with a keen interest in sub-cultures, the fashion and environments they inhabit. Looking for the surreal in the mundane to tell stories and create narratives.

He has self-published a number of books and exhibited work internationally and has worked for such clients as Dazed & Confused, The Telegraph, Loud and Quite magazine, UNIQLO and many more.

JaguarShoes Collective

While the east London landscape has changed drastically, JaguarShoes Collective and its flagship venue and exhibition space, DreamBags JaguarShoes, remain a hub for artists, designers and photographers – sponsoring, curating and promoting their work, JaguarShoes help on their journey to becoming prolific, hugely influential in their field.