The Vapour Trail – Halloween partyThe Victoria31st October 2018

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After a lengthy hiatus, Halloween 2018 sees the return of seminal club night The Vapour Trail. Known for breeding a number of influential musicians and bands, along with its eternally DIY approach and accompanying fanzine, the time seems right for it to make its presence felt once again.

And what better night to relaunch it than Wednesday 31st October 2018?

This means that it will be a Halloween party on actual Halloween night, with four amazing bands and a special DJ set from DJ Scott The Scot.

VPT Music – The Vapour Trail

The line-up is as follows:


Suave and elegant rock’n’roll romance with a suitably sinister edge, these up and coming superstars will be underground for little longer. With the mascara-drenched melancholy of The Cure (not to mention the primal shimmer of ‘Dreamtime’-era Cult), there can be no other band more fitting to headline the Halloween relaunch of VPT.

Dead Writers


Blending elements of shimmering shoegaze, gothic punk and industrial krautrock to create a paranoid psychedelia befitting of the troubled times we live in, Butterflies on Pins have been blazing stages since August and will mark Halloween in glittering style.

Butterflies on Pins


An audio-visual cinematic masterpiece more than just a live band, The Pink Diamond Revue symbolise the spirit of the Vapour Trail with their sexy electro-psychedelia. Fronted by a genuine mannequin. Surreal samples, stuttering guitars and renegade rhythms before hypnotic visuals all collaborate to create a world where Kraftwerk meet sex and you find love.

The Pink Diamond Revue


The ethereal and elegiac soundscapes of The Fallen Sky are quintessential Vapour Trail and their appearance on its relaunch is truly vital. The South London four piece have chalked up a name for themselves by way of their mysterious and moving dream pop, even drawing comparisons to the eternally influential David Lynch.

The Fallen Sky – Band


We are honoured to welcome DJ Scott The Scot (Yesterday’s Shadow), he of impeccable taste in music and shirts and who has played more nights than you’ve been to with his love of all things great.

Yesterday’s Shadow

7.30pm till 12.00am

Free Entry