The Stuff of Dreams

‘The Stuff of Dreams’
Lilli Cowley-Wood & Jazmine Miles-Long
PV: Thursday 10th Match, 2011. 7pm till Late

‘The Stuff of Dreams’ is a modern and magical appreciation of British wildlife.

Jazmine Miles-Long is an Ethical Taxidermist and Lilli Cowley-Wood is a London-based screen-printer/ textile designer. Together, they celebrate their mutual love of animals with a collaborative, mixed media installation at The Old Shoreditch Station.

Most of the materials used in the exhibition are antique and second hand. Like the animals themselves, the girls have used their talents to breathe new life into old objects that have their own history and character.


Illustrator and artist Lilli Cowley-Wood lives and works in London as a screen printer. She designs and prints her own textiles creating tactile and detailed surfaces through her use of imagery and materials.

Lilli’s main source of inspiration is from her childhood memories of her mother working at an animal shelter. Their house was soon filled up with adopted, dogs, cats, parrots, bats, hedgehogs and ducklings, which fuelled her obsession for all things animal and created the main focus for her work.

Since graduating with 1st Class Hons in Textile Design at Central Saint Martins, she has been developing her own range of printed products, some of which are currently being sold in NO ONE shop.

Jazmine Miles-Long

Ethical taxidermist Jazmine Miles-Long graduated from Brighton University in 2007 with a degree in Sculpture. Much of her work had already included the use of live and dead animals. So when faced with the prospect of having to get a job to support her practice she chose Taxidermy.

Every animal and bird Jazmine works with has died from natural causes or by accident. Being an avid animal lover and vegetarian she celebrates these creatures lives by giving them character which inspire viewers imaginations and promotes empathy.

Jazmine now works for the Booth Museum of Natural History in Brighton and since moving to London in 2008 she has been included in a number of exhibitions, most recently at Rob Ryans ‘Ryantown’ in east London.