The Doorz

In August 2010 we hosted ‘The Doorz’ a double exhibition at both the Old Shoreditch Station and DreamBagsJaguarShoes by Illustration giants Matt Furie and Will Sweeney.

The Doorz is a trans – dimensional journey via traditional drawing methods (caran d’ache pencil crayon, ink wash), modern communication methods (skype, and deluxe digital printing. London based artist Will Sweeney and San Francisco’s Matt Furie collaborated on a series of images of portals, doorways and entrances to new worlds. Evoking the imagery of surreal children’s books, lost animations and hyper real alien landscapes. The Doorz is a unique game of visual Chinese whispers by this influential pair and took the form of fine art prints at the Old Shoreditch Station and large scale installation at DreamBagsJaguarShoes.

As part of the show we also produced a limited edition t-shirt by Will Sweeney and a celebratory tea set by Matt Furie.

Will Sweeney

After graduating from London’s prestigious Royal College of Art in 1998, Will Sweeney embarked on his impressive career as a freelance artist/illustrator, author of Tales From Greenfuzz – a food based comic strip adventure. Will has worked for numerous clients as an Illustrator, including Medicom Fabrick, The Simpsons comic, The Wire Magazine, Rolling Stone and Stüssy and in April 2010, he published a book of drawings entitled ‘As Above So Below’ with Nieves and held a show of the same name at Lazydog Gallery, Paris. Musically, he has made his mark as a guitarist for XL Recordings, Zongamin (the brainchild of frequent design collaborator Susumu Mukai) and by designing album art for Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks, Beck, and Architecture in Helsinki.

Will now divides his time between commercial work, Alakazam, his own T shirt label, and worldwide exhibitions of his increasingly ambitious and accomplished artwork.

Matt Furie

Matt Furie lives in San Francisco where he collects toys and draws nasty, funny creatures. His drawings come from a mix of child-like enchantment and momentary adult situations. His self proclaimed “childrens book illustrations for adults combines traditional and modern mark-making for his ripe, cartoon-inspired characters.

Since leaving his native Ohio six years ago, Furie’s work has been steadily gaining more and more recognition. Having now shown at a number of global pioneering contemporary art spaces such as Low Gallery, New Image Art Gallery, Space 1026, Philadelphia, Cinders Gallery and Monster Children gallery, Furie will finally be bringing his talents to the UK.

Last year Furie was awarded best Visual Artist by the San Francisco Bay Guardian in the 20th annual Goldie awards.