Selected Scenes from the Beginning of the World by Patrick SavileDream Bags Jaguar Shoes16th February - 1st May, 201707:00 PM

30 scenes from a collective cosmology have been created for an exhibition based on recurring narratives found in creation myths from around the globe. Much as religious paintings cherry pick the iconic scenes from religious scripture, Patrick has chosen to depict a selection of these myths in this show.

As cosmologies are fabricated by humans as an attempt to understand something much greater than ourselves, to explain the unexplainable, Patrick wanted the paintings to reflect this and be abstracted into elemental shapes and colours.

The work inhabits that familiar interzone where futuristic utopianism and cold isolation exist in equal parts.

The 10 original images are airbrush paintings, acrylic on A1 Paper, done in 2015/ 16.

Patrick found that creation myths from cultures as disparate as Finland and Babylonia contained almost the same stories and imagery as those from Central Africa and Australia, Greece and Nepal. A collective consciousness of creation exists.

He has drawn these together to create a globalised version, devoid of any geographic or religious context. The characters present from culture to culture have been replaced with the hieroglyphs of today, emojis.

Patrick Savile
Patrick splits his time between being a commercial illustrator/ designer and his own art practice in London. Until 2015 he was working digitally but as a way to make his practice more process-based, for this project he started using an airbrush.

“I like to play with subconscious organic liquid forms and perfect geometric shapes— I enjoy the way they interact, creating movement and life, whilst avoiding anthropomorphic depictions”

He has continually been interested in storytelling and comics and is fascinated with the creation of other worlds and researched creation myths over the course of two residencies in Spain and Portugal in 2015. 

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