REAL LIFE at The Old Shoreditch Station.

Friday 8th; REAL LIFE at The Old Shoreditch Station. 9pm till 3am. Free Entry. 

ZTG, EEEK Empire and Dead Guy (Nadia Ksaiba) have been collectively DJing together over the past two years at their Real Life parties. Although each are established DJs in their own right, Real Life blends together the dance music that brought them together, you can expect to hear a carefully crafted blend of dubbed out Disco, slow-mo and body jacking house, bass and garage, a bit of techno and the odd party jam thrown in for good measure.

DEAD GUY (aka Nadia Ksaiba) has played all over the planet and runs the roadblock ‘Say Yes’ night and presents ‘Rhythm Connection’ on NTS Radio. Z.T.G is known for successfully throwing the insane and packed out ‘Peanut Butter Jelly Time’ warehouse parties, playing everything from Ragga to House and can be found on tour dancing with T.E.E.D. Eeek Empire was conceived in London’s rave underbelly and has since DJ’d at all sorts of warehouses, festivals (Glastonbury, Bestival, Offset, Standon Calling), basements (Dalston Superstore) and city lofts and is responsible for the rawkus Bestival Radio parties that carry on late into the night. 

Get your winter retox on and head down to the The Old Shoredtich Station on Friday 8th February, 9-3am, that’s six hours of back to back nonsense. We like to party.