Nun Habit presents: Manger Danger!The Victoria15th December 2018

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Nun Habit have enlisted some of our fave bands and DJs to pull together a festive lineup that will render actual Christmas ten days later completely pointlless. Join us at the Victoria as we take you through a blow by blow account of the true meaning of Christmas.


Like eating a very heavy christmas pudding first and totally ruining the rest of your dinner.
They just brought out their EP “You Will Be The Bones” and it’s full of wall to wall Melvins-esque riffs and gorgie xmas sentiments like “all your hopes and your dreams, they’ll be dead by the summer.”
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Going pudding first inevitably leads to an Upset Stomach. Luckily for us this kind of Upset Stomach involves a very dreamy blend of discordant guitars and jangly indie pop sounds and therefore we are fully into it.
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NUN HABIT (live)
Maybe the pigs in blankets, maybe just the crumpled christmas hat left on the dining table long after everyone’s had enough food and has gone off to watch the telly instead. Either way, it’s six months since we had our EP launch at the Victoria so we thought it would be fun to head back. We’ll have lots of new songs though.
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DJs from 11pm…

Gemma from Chicken Shop Disco/Looky Looky
Party bangers guaranteed.

Sister Act
When these two SISTERS formed a DJ ACT the stars truly aligned. Expect more floor fillers and sibling revelry (get it?) from these two.

The disco part of the evening represents everyone watching Christmas Strictly Come Dancing, Nana drinking too much sherry and the slow descent into family infighting. We can’t wait.