We are excited to announce that for the 3rd year running we will be teaming up with publishing powerhouse, Nobrow. The Double exhibition at DreamBagsJaguarShoes celebrates the launch of their 6th issue.

Nobrow 6: The Double Exhibition

PV: Thursday 3rd November 2011. 7pm till late.

Nobrow entered the world of publishing three years ago, championing illustrators through their beautifully crafted printed materials. Three years on, five issues and over 30 publications later they are taking their magazine into virgin territory, comics.

For the launch of their 6th eponymous issue, Nobrow will be turning DreamBagsJaguarshoes into a sinister land of doppelgangers. This is Nobrow’s 3rd exhibition with us and it promises to be their biggest and best show yet. Working closely with a small group of artists who have taken part in the issue, the show will transport you into a world of mirrors and madness, doubles and devils that will leave you looking over your shoulder long afterwards. They will also be selling copies of the brand spanking new issue (with a free A2 limited edition poster) in the Doppelganger Tuck Shop, alongside a wide variety of Nobrow Novelty products, designed to help you deal with the exigencies of meeting your own personal evil twin.

NOBROW 6: The Double Features some of the best of established talents in the industry and as well as a selection of bright young things. Issue 6 of Nobrow Magazine doubles in size to include, 60 pages of illustrations and 60 pages of groundbreaking comics!

To honour the Double issue, which will set the precedent for future issues of Nobrow, they have asked over 60 artists to contribute work to the theme of Doubles or Doppelgangers. Doubles have appeared in theatre, literature and mythology from our earliest written records. From Greek and Norse Mythology to Shelly, Dostoevsky, Donne and Goethe the idea has held a tantalising grip on the human imagination, fascinating and terrorising us in equal measure. Now, Nobrow, turn it over to 60 illustrators and graphic storytellers to interpret it as they wish, each, taking on one ‘double’ page spread.

With contributions from Tom Gauld (The Gigantic Robot), Kevin Huizenga (Ganges), Blanquet (Toys in the Basement), Malachi Ward (Utu) as well as new narrative work from Nobrow stalwarts Jon McNaught (Birchfield Close, Pebble Island), Jack Teagle (Jeff: Job Hunter) and Luke Pearson (Hildafolk) and the formidable talents of Michael Deforge and Ignatz newcomer award winner Joseph Lambert, among many, many others.

They’ll be Black and White Russians served on the night courtesy of Ketel One Vodka

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