Mixtape #7: Organic Analogue Records Showcase

Our 7th JAGUARSHOES COLLECTIVE mixtape has come from Organic Analogue Records. Building on our catalogue of varied and popular mixtapes that are free to download at jaguarshoes.com, we are pleased to present a mix that is both nostalgic and fresh, featuring the sounds that have inspired the label and the artists.

ORGANIC ANALOGUE RECORDS roster of eclectic artists have been faithfully picked to form a collective of musicians that fit a sound of retro-futurism, appealing to people who fondly remember the glitches of VHS and the warped sounds of old tapes. One to watch for those with a taste for dreamy synths and Drexciyan inspired soundscapes


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twitter : @OrganicAnalogue

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JaguarShoes Collective Mixtape Vol. 7 –
Organic Analogue Records Showcase

by JaguarShoes Collective

Track list:

(All Talking is from : Archive interviews with Delia Derbyshire)

1: John Baker – bbc news time blips
2: Bo Hansson – tid och rum
3: Dictaphone – tempelhof
4: Wax Paper Cup – we call it a (unreleased)
5: Porn Sword Tobacco – cubical fever
6: Tross – others under the sun (unreleased)
7: The Gentle People – emotion heater (tiki mix)
8: Fama 87 – lotus roots    (unreleased)
9: Keaver & Brause – happy happy
10: Mono/poly- forest dark
11: Inner-Forest – scout camp (unreleased)
12: Fitz Ambro$e – pdiso remixed (ahnnu remix)
13: Airliner – Illuminism
14: Daylight rain – emerald jet
15: Ahnnu – filler (feat shuanise)
16: Com Truise – karova
17: Steve Hillage – rainbow dome musick- garden of paradise, 1979
18: Jasper – glib (unreleased)
19: Benjamin Jackson – kingfisher (unreleased)
20: polysick – Silk tape Flow Fm Pre view (unreleased)
21: Boards of Canada – the color of fire
22: Scrase – devon (unreleased)
23: Vangelis – Sushi Bar – Damask Rose (Blade Runner Sound Track)
24: Tornado wallace – rainbow road
25: Marcello Giordani – Bronx Dogs
26: AD Bourke – Light Echoes (Ulysses82 remix)
27: Swedish ident
28: Dopplerefekt – infophysix
29: Dave Monolith – Euphorium
30: Raiders of the Lost Arp – midnight theme
31: Masomenos – travel master
32: Polysick – Silk tape Flow Fm Pre view (unreleased)
33: The Third Man- clarion call
34: Yan-G – unt001, (remix by LFO)
35: Mau’lin – shando 2 (unreleased)
36: Samoyed – guts (unreleased)
37: Ø – Ensimmäinen valo / First Light
38: Jeremiah R – space travel (unreleased)
39: Carl Finlo – reprise
40: Slag Boom Van Loon So Soon – poppy seed (reprise) (Boards Of Canada remix)

JAGUARSHOES COLLECTIVE create beautiful and unique products, exhibitions, events, publications and world renowned venues. The arts organisation was born out of much celebrated Shoreditch bar and exhibition space: ‘DreamBagsJaguarShoes’ in London in 2002. The unusual name of this founding business is derived from the two 1980′s bag and shoe wholesaler signs that hang on the buildings original shop front.