Lizzy Stewart exhibition at DreamBagsJaguarShoesDream Bags Jaguar Shoes31st January - 20th April, 2014

JaguarShoes Collective presents a living, breathing graphic novel experience that enlivens your senses and pulls you out of those winter doldrums.

Step into the story and awaken your senses….

For Winter 2014, working with illustrator Lizzy Stewart, JaguarShoes Collective will transform flagship venue DreamBagsJaguarShoes into an immersive graphic novel, inviting patrons to go beyond the page and physically enter a tale as a silent observer.

An accompanying exclusive comic can be picked up inside and stepping deeper into the story, peeking into the narrative the viewer can discover it in real time; they may see the lights flicker in the windows, the smoke rising from the chimneys, hear conversations hidden within the walls, or take a seat within the story’s interior and soak in a beautiful sense of hopefulness for the coming year.….

The exhibit engages projections, micro lighting, defusers, and a coloured glass window artworks (which like minimalist stained glass, illuminate the space with a moving and ever fluctuating scheme of tinted light.)

‘Hard Wood and Heavy Water’ is an elegant visual poem, a tale woven together through object and history; incorporating a network of rope festoons, small sculptures and props (from toys to tea pots and trinkets), native heathers and herbs centre pieces…it’s make believe setting is a silent sea cove, within which two houses, separated by a stretch of water are each represented on either side of the exhibition space, North and the South, divided by tide and rock.

Viewers will experience a story in their own way, expanding a hidden world, seeking clues, to answer the questions:

Where are these characters? Why are they here? Who am I in this world?

Alongside the exhibition the venues award winning head barman will be creating a focused menu of HOME REMEDY derived cocktails; recipes to warm you through and start your year off with wellness emanating from the inside out.

This is an installation about the mystery and the beauty of the serene. It is about secrets and it is about the promises we make to ourrselves.

So start the new year harmoniously and have JaguarShoes Collective transport you into the mystery.

About the artist…

Lizzy is an artist and illustrator working out of London. She is also one half of the independent publishers Sing Statistics and alongside JSC is part of the Many Hands Collective.

Having studied at both the Edinburgh College of Art and the Central Saint Martins, Lizzy demonstrates an expert eye for composition, charm and atmosphere with her work.

Taking inspiration from Eastern European folk culture, story tales and the secrets within objects ,Lizzy crafts beautiful images that hint at both the unknown and the familiar, allowing you to put together your own narratives.

Having exhibited around the UK this is Lizzy’s first major solo show. Her long list of clients include The Guardian, Faber & Faber, The New York Times and Random House.

About Jaguarshoes Collective…

JaguarShoes Collective  believe that making something, makes you happy… we are an arts organisation that create beautiful and unique products, exhibitions, events, print publications and collaborate with like-minded brands to provide platforms for creative talent. We also create world renowned venue where people who share that belief can relax and have a great time in good company.The arts organisation was born out of much celebrated Shoreditch bar and exhibition space: ‘DreamBagsJaguarShoes’ in London in 2002.

The unusual name of this founding business is derived from the two 1980′s bag and shoe wholesaler signs that hang on the buildings original shop front.

JaguarShoes Collective’s – Lizzy Stewart  “Hard Wood and Heavy Water”

PV: 30th January 2014. 7pm till late
31st January – 20th April 2014.

Exhibition and launch pictures by Gui Seiz