Holdin’ Court presents Corners + guestsThe Victoria21st April 2017

  • £5 Advance
Holdin’ Court are a collective of creative individuals who come together to put on Independent Hip-Hop, Funk and Soul events.

They are back with their first London event of the year, this time at The Victoria, with 3-piece UK Hip-Hop collective Corners for their debut show!

Corners are a rap group consisting of UK lyricists Beit Nun, Benny Diction and Deeflux. Having collaborated on various tunes before (Benny Diction – ‘Popularity Contest’, Beit Nun – ‘Expansion’, ‘Rich Man’s World’, Natural Selection – ‘Memory Lapse’) and realising that their respective styles and approaches complimented each other so well, in summer 2014 they resolved to join forces and produce a collaborative album as a trio.

After amassing a strong selection of instrumentals from different beatmakers, they began the writing process for this album. What ensued was the exchange of endless whatsApp messages and videos, along with a gang of conference calls, necessitated by the fact that each MC operates in a different part of the country.

Within a year, they had written 14 tracks between them, recording the majority of which with Brother Beatbox over one July weekend in Hampshire.

It was during this time that they settled on ‘Corners’ as their new collective name, as it not only reflected their separate geographic locations but also the points at which their respective paths as established solo artists met and converged to create a new shape and form.

Over 2 years since its inception, their eponymous album was released earlier this year on 20th January.



Tickets £5 adv // More on the door.

Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/190577564768143/