Gwaith Sŵn: Noson The Victoria, Tuesday 30th May

may 30th 2
  • £4/5

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£4/5 on the door


DISINFORMATION is a pioneering electronic music and installation art project, founded in Tooting, South West London, in 1995. Disinformation artworks mostly focus on the creative potential of electromagnetic interference – radio noise from live mains electricity and from the sun etc – as perceptual equivalents of synaesthetic phenomena, and on the psychology of auditory and visual illusions. Disinformation artworks have been described by The Guardian as “some of the most beautiful installations around”, and (more recently) as “mesmerising… hypnotic and captivating… (and) sublime” by Aesthetica magazine. Disinformation’s sound work has been described as producing “potent drug-like trances of utter black mysteriousness” by the Sound Projector, and as “fascinating” by the Wire, while the Metro newspaper described Disinformation as “the black-ops unit of the avant-garde”.

JENN KIRBY is an Irish composer, based in Wales. She is a Programme Director and Lecturer in Music at the University of Wales, Trinity Saint David, director of the Swansea Laptop Orchestra and holds a PhD in Composition from Trinity College Dublin. Her work ranges from instrumental composition, to electroacoustic, to laptop orchestra and the performance of live electronics, sound art and performance art. Jenn’s work explores elements of theatricality, humour and subversion.

ORBS ASUNDER, Leipzig DE. A sprawl of roaring macrocosmic synth concreté from the Saxony based Kabbalistic Synthesizer with algorithmically controlled live electronics and visuals.

KEVIN KA WEI CHAN is a London-based artist and musician whose work primarily focuses on the use of redundant and discarded consumer audio technologies. His live performances typically focus on the manipulation of homemade cassette tape loops.

PAUL FREEMAN is a sound designer, composer and sound artist producing work for theatre, gallery, film and radio. His live performances regularly use bells and other metal sound objects along with digital manipulation to create improvised electroacoustic soundscapes.

Gwaith Sŵn are a London-based collective who work principally with sound.

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