“First Cut is the first of a series of parties instigated by long standing DJ, promoter and radio presenter (NTS Radio:The Reign Set) Gary The Tall. He has previously DJ’d at the long-running garage rock night Dirty Water Club, hosting everyone from The White Stripes and Gonn to Billy Childish and Subway Sect. He currently promotes and DJs at London’s long running seminal no wave and post punk event, ‘Restless Gesture’.
The other end of the partnership is renowned DJ/producer/remixer/recording artist Cherrystones / Godsy. A long-standing fixture at All Tomorrows Parties, he also records as an artist under the moniker Godsy (Whatever We Want) and as Cherrystones (Brutal Records) where he has also remixed work for the latter. He has compiled the fully-licensed Hidden Charms and Rocks compilations, as well as the independently-released Crawl Back To Mine, Entertaining The Unobvious, Swamp Bait and Leather Report mix CDs. He also hosts a show on NTS (The New Jerusalem).
Expect an eclectic, no-holds barred musical assault from these two seasoned music connoisseurs within the intimate surroundings of The Old Shoreditch Station on Saturday 19th January from the hours of 9pm until 3am”.