Eye In The Sky by Jim StotenDream Bags Jaguar Shoes25th April - 20th July, 2014

This summer, prolific illustrator, sculptor, musician and blogger Jim Stoten will exhibit a large collection of magnificent flying machines at Dream Bags Jaguar Shoes.

A fleet of large-scale technicolour toy planes will take on an imaginative and incredible twist, bursting forth from the walls and ceilings filling the space above the viewers head.

New illustrative works will be presented as detailed wallpapers and murals that will envelope his squadron of amazing aviators. The bright colours and visuals will bring a surreal dynamic to the space, creating a depth and explosion of excitement above and around the viewer.

Lights, lasers and projected visuals interspersed amongst the flying objects create an other-worldly atmosphere that will transport the viewer into the psychedelia. These lit elements can take on a whole new dynamic with the use of a viewing device. Light is split diffused and manipulated, the viewer can see bursts of colour and light create rainbows that streak across the sky. A truly otherworldly viewpoint for the show which will transport the viewing public onto another plain of perception.

Jim Stoten will bring into the venue his bizarre band of misfits ‘Owen & The Eyeballs’ for some exclusive gigs! With their trademark style, insane costumes and spirited music, these shows are not to be missed.You can even sign up to take part in some creative workshops delivered by Jim himself as he teaches you to build and craft your very own psychedelic suit!


Pick up a pair of binoculars and explore the skies to see how many creatures and crafts you can spot in the great blue yonder. Follow us on twitter (@jaguarshoesco) and play along with our ongoing game of ‘Can You Find?’ where we will release a weekly #subject for our followers to hunt down and photograph in order to win exclusive JSC prizes!

In celebration of the amazing exhibition “Eye in the Sky” JSC present a series of beautifully designed tie in products by Jim Stoten; wear the show itself with a stylish and sleek hand-printed tee shirt, or why not have your own piece of wall art with the limited edition Risograph print?

Also available is the exclusively produced toy plane! A traditionally made flat pack glider featuring one of Jim’s very own mad cap flying machines! This designer item is a perfect souvenir or an ideal gift for this truly outstanding show.

Taste the trip and try one of the PSYCHEDELIC COCKTAILS created by Dream Bags Jaguar Shoes award winning cocktail barmen. These delicious and cerebral drinks will help you truly immerse yourself in the show with your head in the clouds.


Dream Bags Jaguar Shoes
32-34 Kingsland Road, London, E2 8AA

PV: 24/04/14
25/04/14 – 20/07/14


About the artist

Jim Stoten is an incredibly creative artist, illustrator, sculptor, musician and blogger based in East London.

In addition to being a prolific artist, Jim is also a member of the supergroup ‘Owen & The Eyeballs’, a band of illustrators, artists and creatives who produce amazing music shows that feature incredible fancy dress and wild set pieces.

He also runs the podcast ‘Newtens Porcelain Panther’ with artist Ben Newman, where he discusses creativity with all manner of creative luminaries, and this year Stoten will release his first book with NoBrow.



Pictures for JaguarShoes Collective by Gui Seiz.