Donnie Darko ‘They Made Me Do It’Dream Bags Jaguar Shoes1st November 2002

Back in October 2002, when Frank the rabbit had not yet entered the universal unconscious, Metrodome UK asked Dream Bags Jaguar Shoes to help promote then unknown cult movie by first time director Richard Kelly, starring Jake Gyllenhaal.

12 graffitti artists were each asked to create a piece of work that would be exhibited for 28 Days, in six hours, 42 minutes and 12 seconds; the precise length of time in which Donnie predicts the world will end. The show also included a digital LED clock, counting down.

The actual “Frank the Rabbit” costume head, used in the movie, was shipped to London and hung eerily above the bar, surveying our patrons nocturnal activities.

Richard Kelly made a special trip to the UK for the party, which marked the films release and the exhibition opening.

The exhibition was so successful that the artist’s making of documentary is included as a featurette on the first issue region 2 DVD release of the original theatrical cut and can also be found on the extras disc of the region Directors cut DVD release.

Inspired by the statement Donnie scrawled when vandalising his school, the graffiti artists that came together for the show, subsequently formed a collective called, ‘They Made Me Do It’.

The show included work by artists: Astek, Bleach, Busk, Chu, Dane, Insa, Korey, Shucks, Solo, Snug, Tizer and Wish One.