Des Was a Bowie Fan: Velvet Underground / Warhol Factory SpecialThe Victoria23rd February 2019

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A spooky tone on a Fender bass
Played less notes and left more space
Stayed kind of still, looked kinda shy
Kinda far away, kinda dignified
How in the world were they making that sound?
Velvet Underground.
– Jonathan Richman (1992)

Join us at the club dressed to the tens for a celebration of the Velvet Underground and the jangling rock and roll that has become entwined with the Andy Warhol Factory – 1962 – 1984.

Bold and brash, sharp and rude, as Jonathan put it, the dancefloor shall draw wonky lines back and forward through the entire Factory Pop dream and related musical manifestations, from classic Velvet Underground and Nico right through early ’70s Spiders From Mars / Hunky Dory-era Bowie and Iggy Pop, to the ’50s & ’60s beat and the glorious Pop that continued to wrap itself in those dirty-sweet melodies; early Blondie to Jonathan Richman, Beat Happening and Talking Heads; Gainsbourg, Hardy and Gall in France; the Jesus and Mary Chain, early Belle and Sebastian and Veronica Falls here, and up to date with the likes of the magnificent Flowers sharing in the sharp and jagged, confessional sentiment.

Rock and roll, but not like the rest.

Entry: £6 / £4
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“One of London’s best indie / soul clubs” – New Musical Express
“Some incredibly banging tunes” – Chemtrails
“A post-Peel, post indie market-place discotheque in the spirit of the pirates, fags and runaways” – Llewelyn Bowen

Here’s Andy talking about Pop Art –

There will also be a gig night beforehand, to be announced soon on the back of a packet of fags.