Des Was A Bowie Fan presents Cowboy Flying Saucer, Moscow Nights & Bad WivesThe Victoria30th March 2019

  • £5 Advance

The March Des Was A Bowie Fan gig night is on! Featuring the terrifically-named Cowboy Flying Saucer, Moscow Nights and Bad Wives to the heart of Saturday night.

Cowboy Flying Saucer play sprawling rock’n’roll and post-punk music at the altar of The Fall, sending cosmic love letters spinning across the prairie. Their second LP, ‘Travel Lodge’, featuring song titles such as ‘Travelodge Wedding’, ‘Mushrooms and Leather’ and ‘Crack Grandma’, comes out on April 5th via Sparrowhawk Records.

Moscow Nights play shimmering, starry synth-Pop / post-punk that comes for your heart.

Bad Wives have a brooding, fuzz-drenched, gothic indie sound that shimmers with a gentle melancholy. Their ‘Like Heck’ EP was self-released in January 2019.

Entry: £5 (includes entry to Des Was a Bowie Fan at the Dalston Victoria)

Advance tickets to follow