Cut Up ‘Cut Up Machine’

The Moustache Foundation is proud to present for its inaugural exhibition, CutUp Machine, a series of new works by the collective CutUp.

CutUp are an autonomous group linked by a shared desire to reorder the urban landscape through intervention and play. Incorporating film, collage and installation, CutUp’s practice focuses largely on the creative potential of the street as a site for interventionist art and disruption.

Interested in the spaces of misinformation and miscommunication inherent in the everyday, CutUp aim to introduce disorder into daily existence by interrupting and re-appropriating established visual forms. Occurring both inside and outside the gallery, CutUp’s billboard and bus stop works are created by slicing up an advert and reassembling the pieces into a newly ordered image.

For this exhibition, CutUp’s  sites for intervention are brought into the gallery space, a full-sized advertising billboard and a bus shelter – temporarily located inside before returning to the street. In addition to the large sculptural installations there also features related film and video works, as well as the outdoor inteventions. These works exhibited hijack image and space; inviting new interpretations and transforming pre-existing systems in the urban environment into newly ordered images of disquiet.