Autr – TerraformsDream Bags Jaguar Shoes30th March - 27th May, 201706:30 PM

Autr is the artist name of analogue electronics experimenter, coding whizz, music maker, cycling enthusiast and all-round prolific uber nerd, Gilbert Sinnott.
Using vintage video processors and circuit bent machines, Autr crafts and manipulates feedback loops through CRT broadcast monitors to create psychedelic, scif-fi and otherworldly visual abstractions.
For his show in the basement of DreamBags JaguarShoes, Autr will be bringing together experiments with organic matter and landscape into a series of interlinked interactive installations and projections.
Opening night on Thursday 30th will feature a live modular AV performance alongside Myr (James Waterworth) and Joanna, followed by music video and short film screenings