We are pleased to announce that animation studio ‘Animade’ will be coming up next in our film gallery. PV: 4th October 7pm till late


Animade is an animation studio headed up by Tom Judd and Ed Barrett.

Tom and Ed have been directing and animating since graduating from the Royal College of Art 4 years ago. In 2010 they began working together on a selection of animations for HTC and soon realised that they were producing some pretty great stuff together.

2011 saw the launch of ‘Ready Steady Bang’, a root in’tootin’ iPhone Game. Its success prompted them to start working under the single entity that is Animade.

Animade also curates a catalogue of great animation from around the internet. At the time of writing the blog has over 880 inspirational animations. For this exhibition they will be showcasing a selection of work from their archives.


JaguarShoes Collective Film Gallery

Basement Bar, DreamBagsJaguarShoes, 32 Kingsland Road. E2

PV: 4th October 7pm till late

5th October – 2nd December