All Things Considered for Shoreditch Design Triangle1st - 28th September, 2016

All things considered is a collective of eight female artists, makers and designers united by a shared passion for hand made processes. While sharing a studio in Hackney, ATC was formed as a platform for members to experiment within their own practices, share ideas, and develop work together.


`ATC is:

Lora Avedian – Lora makes tactile objects and art works inspired by natural forms. She currently creates beautiful, delicate flower arrangements of never-fading blooms from paper, but often works with a variety of mixed materials that change from project to project, with a focus on traditional hand made processes. Lora is currently studying Textiles at the Royal College of Art.

Laura Gee – Laura Gee creates intuitive, layered and colourful abstract art, she is interested in reinterpreting nature and the environment around her.

Suzie Howell – Suzie’s photographs capture landscapes, people and their relationships with each other, often using found objects in the space to create narratives within her works.

Steph Parr – Steph uses illustration, video and objects to document the everyday, balancing seemingly separate subjects such as depression and humour within her work.

Hannah Snow – Often inspired by literature, Hannah creates small and delicate pieces which reflect her interest in space and line. Hannah makes intricately detailed jewellery, as well as objects and containers made from metal, porcelain and wire. Hannah is currently studying Jewellery and Metal at The Royal College of Art.

Laurie Maun – Laurie’s core study is Textiles, discovering compositions and shapes through the art projects she partakes in. With her intelligent use of colour and texture presented in each design she creates beautiful, one-off pieces that live happily within the worlds of fashion and interiors.

Ellie Smith – Ellie’s photographic diaries are a tool she uses to try to understand people and relationships. She self publishes these tender and subtle explorations in limited edition books and zines, printing and binding them with that same delicacy.

Anna Beam – Anna creates psychedelic patterns inspired by her endless experimentations with paper cuts and stitch. She works in 2D print and textiles form, and translates this into 3D using ceramics, paper mache, and wearable pieces such as bags.


A group of artist and producers who run venues in East London that focus upon patrons in creative industries and upon supporting the arts. Born from DreamBags JaguarShoes, prolific exhibition space and venue established, 2001 in Shoreditch. As a collective JaguarShoes create immersive exhibitions, parties, limited edition products, publications and world-renowned venues.