Most Dismal Swamp: Launch PartyDream Bags Jaguar Shoes29th March 2019

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Most Dismal Swamp: Launch Party
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Dank enlightenment on a dancefloor

Anni Nöps
Jennifer Walton
Astrid Gnosis
Exploited Body (UK debut)
Iceboy Violet

Live visuals:
Joey Holder
Laila Blebleble

Celebrating the launch of art platform+record label Most Dismal Swamp, and TWO NEW RELEASES:
– Swamp Protocol Soundtrack with music by Anni Nöps
– Winged // Dislocated by Jennifer Walton

Anni Nöps is an audiovisual artist and genre fluid DJ based in the Netherlands. Her sonic palette comprises hard hitting percussions, floating melodies and tactile noise, forming dense and abrasive soundscapes.

Jennifer Walton is an experimental electronic producer and film composer based between London and the North East. Creating ‘visceral and intricate’ soundscapes that are ‘violent and consoling, cerebral and unavoidably physical’ [NARC], her practice pulls from across the spectrum of contemporary electronics, from the high energy afforded by Gabber and Donk to the ambience of Drone to Harsh Noise. Recently she has joined three-piece indie pop band Kero Kero Bonito as a touring member, alongside contributing Noise sections to their album ‘Time n Place’.

ASTRID GNOSIS works from London, the decadent, damp, and dirty city-giant which is the epitome of our globalised Capitalist civilisation. As an artist, she find’s it essential to talk of the catastrophes of our generation.
“Throbbing joys of industrial gabber and brutal lyricism delivered with a striking left-hook.” [Kaltblut]

Exploited Body is an exploration of the of the toxic relationships we have with the “bodies” we inhabit – our bodies, our societies and our planet – through relentless sonic experiments that push the limits of the physicality of sound.
‘Threnody’ EP coming soon on LA-based label TAR.

Iceboy Violet Sounds of the Snowstorm. Pairing complex rhymes with waves of noise. Co-runs the label and event series Mutualism.
‘Mook’ Mixtape is out now on Tobago Tracks

Mang In truth I found myself upon the brink
of an abyss, the melancholy valley
containing thundering, unending wailings.

That valley, dark and deep and filled with mist,
is such that, though I gazed into its pit,
I was unable to discern a thing.
Mang co-runs the labels Beatgatherers and ANBA.
‘Ritual’ Ep is out now on Genome 6.66 Mbp

Joey Holder‘s work raises philosophical questions of our universe and things yet unknown, regarding the future of science, medicine, biology and human-machine interactions. Working with scientific and technical experts she makes immersive, multimedia installations that explore the limits of the human and how we experience non-human, natural and technological forms.

Laila Blebleble is a London-based artist. She uses digital processes in order to build intricate systems that span across various materialities. She investigates the ways in which slippery liminal zones, such as those between object and image, optic and haptic, and physical and virtual, break down structural norms and undo convention. Recent group exhibitions include ‘THEN OUTSIDE FROM NOW INSIDE’ at Chaos Magic, Nottingham and ‘Gather Thistles and Expect Pickles’ at Hundred Years Gallery, London.

Poster design by @baojiaxiang

Most Dismal Swamp is a mixed-reality biome, an art platform, a multi-scalar mystic fiction, a forecasting laboratory, a long tail, a transitional ecosystem, a party, a cognitive scaffold, a bad dataset, a curatorial MMORPG, a memeplex aggregator, a planetary weirding studio, and a record label.

It is a model for parsing, navigating, and elaborating a Dank Enlightenment: globally variable synaesthesia across multiple and simultaneous dimensions.